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Arif Khurshed

Arif Khurshed completed his PhD from ICMA Centre, University of Reading in 1999 and joined Manchester Business School (MBS), University of Manchester, as a post-doctoral research associate. Presently he is a senior lecturer in the Division of Accounting & Finance, MBS. Arif has taught corporate finance for more than 10 years and has been an active researcher in the field of initial public offerings (IPOs), institutional investments, and corporate governance. He has published his research in several finance journals and has contributed many book chapters. His research has been covered by the Investors Chronicle, the UK press (The Times) and the Thai press (The Nation). Arif has been an external consultant to the UK stock market regulator, The Financial Services Authority (FSA). The Investor’s Guide to IPOs is his first book.

Books by Arif Khurshed