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101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners

By Clem Chambers

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101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners

By Clem Chambers

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The unputdownable insider’s guide!

Clem Chambers is one of the world’s leading authorities on market performance. His website,, is hugely successful with investors in the UK and around the world, particularly in South America.

In order to maintain his own business at the peak of its performance, Clem trades in stocks in his own personal account. “If I can’t do it myself,” he says with characteristic frankness, “then how am I supposed to help other people?” That he does so regularly and profitably demonstrates both his skill and his knowledge.

Now he’s prepared to share his secrets of stock market success.

Writing with first-hand knowledge, he provides 101 pithy and personally researched tips which help day traders, investors and stock pickers of every kind to focus in on what characterises a potentially successful stock.

Incisive, brutally honest and occasionally very funny, 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners is an invaluable manual for anyone wanting to make money out of the markets.

About the author

Clem Chambers is CEO of ADVFN, Europe's leading stocks and investment website. He became CEO of ADVFN in January of 2002 and is credited with steering the company from likely failure to thriving market leader. Internet bible, Wired Magazine, for which he regularly contributes, described him as a 'Market Maven'. He is also a member of their renowned 'Brains Trust.' Clem wrote a stock column in Wired from 2000 to 2001 in a period spanning the final boom and following bust. He is a columnist for The Business, The Scotsman, Traders' and Inside Edge and is a regular contributor to a number of UK and US financial publications including Investors Chronicle, Stocks & Commodities and Futures. He is a regular commentator on CNBC, the BBC and numerous US financial radio stations.


“There are years of experience packed in here. It should be on the bookshelf of all traders. Jargon-free, sensible advice from a market master. Chambers is a market legend and 101 Ways is a must read.”

– Robbie Burns



Golden Rule No. 1: Diversify

WAYS 1-4: Internet chat rooms (discussion forums/bulletin boards)
Way 1: Silence is golden
Way 2: Madness is badness
Way 3: Due dil
Way 4: Locate minnows

WAYS 5-25: Stock charts and technical trading
Way 5: Good horses on steady courses
Way 6: Dud IPOs
Way 7: The return of the dud IPO
Way 8: Volatility: going nowhere fast
Way 9: Dead cat bounces
Way 10: Buy the Bull

Golden rule No. 2: Know the general market trend

Way 11: Sell a Bear
Way 12: Selling a Bull, selling a bubble
Way 13: Buying a Bear, buying a crash
Way 14: Investing in the Bull, trading in the Bear - buying the dips
Way 15: Investing in the Bear, trading in the Bull - selling the rallies
Way 16: Flat-lining companies: dead or in a coma?
Way 17: Volume rises
Way 18: Buying BS when the Bull rules
Way 19: Boxing clever
Way 20: Rockets. Ladles of money

Golden Rule No. 3: Risk = reward

Way 21: Half way or whole way
Way 22: Long-term levels
Way 23: Broken mountain
Way 24: The Big U
Way 25: The Big W

WAYS 26-50: Common sense ways to pick stocks
Way 26: Know your company
Way 27: Know your company's product
Way 28: Get to know the company's industry
Way 29: Read the specialist press
Way 30: Call up the FD and say 'Hello.'
Way 31: What is hot in the States
Way 32: What is hot in Japan
Way 33: The market has crystal balls
Way 34: Taxi ads
Way 35: The curse of the shirt deal
Way 36: Buy to the sound of cannons
Way 37: Accounting irregularity
Way 38: Death of a salesman
Way 39: Portfolio: diversify or die
Way 40: From the mouths of babes and sucklings
Way 41: Not for sale
Way 42: Making an offer that can't be refused
Way 43: Invest in the obvious
Way 44: Listen to our lords and masters
Way 45: Takeovers
Way 46: Takeovers: selling the buyers
Way 47: Know the long-term
Way 48: Know your risk
Way 49: Beaten up brands
Way 50: Negative Equity

Golden rule No. 4: A pinch of salt required

WAYS 51-52: Tracker funds: simple exposure
Way 51: Exchange Traded Funds. Buy a FTSE tracker
Way 52: Commodity ETFs. You really want to buy commodities, you really, really want to?

WAYS 53-60: Let the computer do the work
Way 53: P/E, the basic cheap or not cheap indicator
Way 54: Sales have value - high sales to market capitalisation
Way 55: Get over techno-fear. Let the robot sort you out
Way 56: Sectors
Way 57: Cash in the bank
Way 58: PEG, unleashed
Way 59: Dividends: cheques don't lie; except on the door mat
Way 60: The big downer - 50% down from the high or more

WAYS 61-64: Rules of thumb
Way 61: Don't play with political footballs
Way 62: Unhappy families
Way 63: Old friends
Way 64: Don't buy the top

WAYS 65-69: Gold
Way 65: Let's not get physical: Gold ETF
Way 66: Buy a gold producer
Way 67: Buy the 49ers
Way 68: Gold has a silver lining
Way 69: Don't buy the gold mine, buy the spade maker

WAYS 70-83: What's up doc?
Way 70: Sell tips
Way 71: When it hits the mainstream, it's over

Golden rule No. 5: Get rich slow, get poor quick

Way 72: Think long-term, very long-term
Way 73: Read through
Way 74: Contrarian: if you want a friend buy a dog
Way 75: Momentum: catch a rising star
Way 76: New brooms
Way 77: New brooms and 'kitchen sinking'
Way 78: Check the website
Way 79: Every dark hurricane cloud has a silver lining
Way 80: Buy rumour, sell fact
Way 81: Browse and research
Way 82: Look for history repeating itself
Way 83: Long-term earnings growth

WAYS 84-89: What's up officially doc?
Way 84: Directors' buys
Way 85: Management competence: throwing parties in breweries
Way 86: RNS alert
Way 87: 'The next big thing'
Way 88: Mad management
Way 89: Profit warnings

WAYS 90-91: Oil
Way 90: Buy an oil producer
Way 91: Those darn wildcatters

WAYS 92-101: Vorsprung durch technik
Way 92: Trading costs; the less the better
Way 93: Sell in May and go away. Summer holidays at work
Way 94: The Santa Effect
Way 95: Close of day auction
Way 96: No news but it's moving
Way 97: Big gains
Way 98: Breakouts
Way 99: Constant gainers
Way 100: Re-examine your portfolio
Way 101: Use all available tools

Published: 11/02/2013
Edition: 2nd
Pages: 182
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857192769
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