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Becoming THE Expert

Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing

By John W. Hayes

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Becoming THE Expert

Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing

By John W. Hayes

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Thought Leadership is one of the most valuable marketing tools available to today’s entrepreneur. Not only is it highly affordable (largely free), it is also available to anyone with an opinion – and who doesn’t have one of those?

Becoming THE Expert explains how business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and sales professionals can better position themselves as experts in their own particular industry and help to build brand awareness, generate leads and ultimately drive sales through the sharing of their detailed knowledge and insight.

Written in plain English and using real world examples, the book explains how to find your voice and then plan, create and distribute Thought Leadership Marketing campaigns using a wide range of channels including blogs, white papers, videos, podcasts, webinars, PR, the media, books, eBooks, public speaking opportunities and social media.

This book is for any business professional who values the idea of sharing knowledge, empowering the people they work with and building their reputation on the back of holding an open and honest dialogue with the communities they serve.

About the author

John W. Hayes has been helping small and medium-sized companies develop their business strategies online for almost as long as the Internet has been in the general public's consciousness. Working alongside some of the biggest names in ecommerce and online marketing (including Amazon, eBay and Google), he has dedicated much of his career to demystifying the web and highlighting opportunities for real world businesses to grow. As the author of numerous white papers, blog posts and guest editorials across a wide range of trade and mainstream publications he is widely recognised as an influential Thought Leader in the SME online marketing arena. In his first book, Becoming THE Expert: Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing, he shares his tips and tactics for positioning yourself as an industry expert and building your business on the back of a solid campaign of Thought Leadership Marketing.

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About the author

1. An Introduction to Thought Leadership Marketing
So what is Thought Leadership Marketing?
Who are the Thought Leaders?
Are you a Thought Leader?
Typical reservations about Thought Leadership

2. Finding Your Voice
Turning Ideas into Thought Leadership
Your Voice
Finding someone else's voice

3. Thought Leadership Channels
Example Blog Post
Guest editorials
Public relations (PR)
Press releases
The elevator pitch
Become a source
White papers
Video 67 Public speaking/events
Organising your own events
Joined-up thinking
Calculating the value of PR

4. Using Social Media to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader
A quick guide to ...
Social media should not be a waste of time
Socialise your content

5. Building a Community Around Your Thought Leadership
Ten tips to help you build a community around your thought leadership
Putting the power of community to work
Third-party communities
Empowering colleagues
Empowering partners
A clandestine meeting which produces many leads

Conclusion - Your First Steps Towards Thought Leadership
Final thought

Published: 18/07/2012
Edition: 1st
Pages: 120
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9781908003614
ebook - ISBN 9781908003355
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