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Better Value Investing

Improve your results as a value investor

By Andrew Hunt

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Better Value Investing

Improve your results as a value investor

By Andrew Hunt

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Practical and powerful improvements for value investors

Buying undervalued shares and selling when the price is many times greater has a natural appeal – and research shows it works. But not all value investors are successful. As Andrew Hunt shows in this must-read new book, many are guilty of common errors in their planning and execution and these critically undermine their success.

Better Value Investing provides a straightforward framework to help all value investors improve, showing them what to focus on and what to cut out in order to be successful.

Supported by the latest empirical research, 15 years of real investing experience, studies of what the top investors have said and done, and wide reading, Andrew Hunt reveals:

– how financial strength is at the heart of value investing
– why to invest like an owner
– the importance of contrarianism
– why you should buy only the very best bargains
– the essentials of constructing and managing a portfolio
– how checklists control the process and keep the value investor on track.

This concise guide to honing the craft of value investing is essential reading for all value investors new and old. With its help you can concentrate on what is important, cut out errors and achieve what you set out to do, making you a better value investor.

About the author

Andrew Hunt graduated from Cambridge with a Law degree in 2003. He worked in TV production before moving to Edinburgh in 2006 to join Baillie Gifford, where he works as an Investment Manager.

All views expressed in his book, Better Value Investing, are Andrew's own and not those of Baillie Gifford.


“A rare and impressive addition to the value investing back catalogue”

– Shares magazine

“A very good book that gives a wide ranging introduction to the world of value investing. It covers many of the topics that need to be taken in consideration by the investor in order to achieve that longed for outperformance. With this book Andrew Hunt has made achieving that goal a step closer.”

– Jeroen Bos, Fund Manager at Church House Investment Management and author of Deep Value Investing

“A clear and well-researched book that has thought-provoking ideas for the private and professional investor alike.”

– Jeremy Prescott, Private Investor

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Better Value Investing by Andrew Hunt is a good introduction to value investing. The author, an investment manager at Baillie Gifford, explains the key concepts in plain English: intrinsic value, margin of safety, Mr. Market, patience, flexibility, balance sheet strength, capital discipline, contrarianism, portfolio rebalancing, checklists. The merit of the book is to go to… Read more »

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I Attended An Activist Investor Conference ? Here?s What I Learned by Andrew Hunt, author, Better Value Investing: A Simple Guide to Improving Your Results as a Value Investor ? full bio below. In 2013, I attended the annual Activist Investor Conference in New York, and had the chance to learn from a variety of… Read more »

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How Weak Currencies Can Create Big Opportunities For Brave Investors by Andrew Hunt, Better Value Investing: A Simple Guide to Improving Your Results as a Value Investor Stories of collapsing currencies have been making the headlines recently as emerging markets struggle with high debts and tumbling commodity prices. The Turkish Lira, Brazilian Real and Russian… Read more »

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To Really Understand Ben Graham, You Have To Meet The Whole Family by Andrew Hunt, Better Value Investing, full bio below. Ben Graham is widely known as the godfather of value investing; a man who has influenced countless successful investors through his teachings and books. However, Graham?s classic works were not the last word on… Read more »

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From Shares Magazine:

A RARE AND impressive addition to the value investing back catalogue, Baillie Gifford investment manager Andrew Hunt shares his thoughts on the evolution of the strategy as well as providing some practical updates. Value investing has changed little since it was first outlined in the 1930s, so making a meaningful contribution to work produced by… Read more »

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From Jeremy Prescott:

An investment manager at Baillie Gifford, Andrew Hunt?s book covers value investing from share selection to portfolio construction, and much in between. He starts with ?Value investing 101? and the worlds of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and James Montier ? involving margins of safety, patience, the ?fat pitch? and dealing with Mr Market. He then… Read more »

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About the author

Part I. Introduction
1. Value Investing 101
2. Improving the Approach

Part II. Company Analysis
3. Financial Strength
4. Invest Like an Owner
5. Better Valuation

Part III. Strategy
6. Be Contrarian
7. Buying the Best Bargains
8. Constructing and Managing a Portfolio

Part IV. Implementation
9. Winning in Practice
10. The Way Ahead


Published: 06/08/2015
Edition: 1st
Pages: 186
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857194749
ebook - ISBN 9780857194978
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