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Cotter On Investing

Taking the bull out of the markets: practical advice and tips from an experienced investor

By John Cotter

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Cotter On Investing

Taking the bull out of the markets: practical advice and tips from an experienced investor

By John Cotter

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This book discusses the key areas that every stock market investor should consider. Starting with the reason for buying shares in the first place it then goes on to consider a host of essential topics, including: ratios, dividends, diversification, directors’ deals, technical analysis, ETFs, commodities, dealing techniques and much more. Cotter On Investing is your straightforward guide to the not always straightforward world of stock market investment.

The markets can be a dangerous place and the risk involved can put people off the whole concept of stock investing. It shouldn’t. Successful investors are those who manage risk and use mechanisms that reduce it to a level they are comfortable with. The stock market is potentially extremely rewarding in financial terms, but when the investor takes control of his or her own money it can also be fun, interesting and immensely satisfying.

Throughout the book the author gives his own opinions not only on the different investment vehicles you can use but also on the ways in which you can improve your performance as a self-directed investor. With nearly 40 years of stock market experience, John Cotter is the ideal guide to help you make your investment decisions. Slicing through the jargon and with a solid, ‘keep it simple’ approach, this book is the ideal companion for anyone building and running their own share portfolio.

About the author

JOHN COTTER worked for the Barclays Group for 38 years, filling various senior management positions in the financial services industry. During the last 15 years he worked for Barclays Stockbrokers, for whom he filled the role of Vice President. He was a regular speaker on their behalf at client seminars and other professional gatherings and was renowned for his ability to demystify even the most complex of financial subjects.

John wrote a regular column, Cotter's Corner, which is consistently one of the most popular sections on the Barclays Stockbrokers website. The articles aim to educate, inform and inspire investors of all levels, helping them to understand the ins and outs of investing and hopefully trade more profitably.


“A very easy and informative read, this may be one of the best books for an investor taking their first step into the world of equities and also serves as a good reminder to experienced investors that it is sometimes better to stick with what you know than to try and emulate something that you don’t.”

– UK-Analyst

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Keep it simple stupid. KISS is one of those acronyms most of us will have heard during our lives and yet how quickly we forget it when looking for new investment strategies. It is often though that you have to find some niche market with a company nobody has ever heard of if you want… Read more »

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From Pensions World:

Taking the bull out of the markets: practical advice and tips from an experienced investor is the subtitle of this work from John Cotter, a veteran of 38 years with Barclays. He has a common sense approach; noticing the mushrooming of wheelie bins in several colours on the streets, he bought shares in Straight, a… Read more »

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WHETHER investors should aim for alpha (beating the benchmark) or beta (tracking the benchmark) is a debate that divides investors. Here a defender of tracking beta and an advocate of chasing alpha put their respective cases. WORLDTRACK ANTHONY CHRISTODOULOU Should investors chase Alpha? In a word: no. Evidence shows that it is futile attempting to… Read more »

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Taking the bull out of the markets: practical advice and tips from an experienced investor by John Cotter John Cotter has worked for Barclays Stockbrokers for many years, writing the popular ?Cotter?s Corner? column on its website as well as speaking at client seminars. The book focuses on topics that Cotter finds private investors are… Read more »

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From Trading Diary:

John Cotter, Vice President of Barclays Stockbrokers, talks to Trading Diary about his new book ?Cotter On Investing?. 1. Who are you? Just a 59 year old man who has worked in the finance Industry for 39 years, the last 35 years in investment and the last 15 years on the execution only side of… Read more »

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From Investoo:

Cotter on Investing: Book Review October 12, 2011 R.R.P: £19.99 The 3 Box Test framework for this book keeps things simple and highly effective. Cotter on Investing is a book which aims to introduce key concepts related to investing in shares without the use of jargon. The author has used the ?3 Box Test? as… Read more »

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To track or chase returns- City A.M.22nd December 2011

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“John Cotter has lived up to his billing, and manages to make understanding investment concepts incredibly easy. The combination of examples, visual aids and above all clear writing style makes this book a must read for any newcomers to the world of investment.”- Investoo12th October 2011

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John Cotter ?Cotter on Investing? interview- Trading Diary12th October 2011

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1. Why Buy Shares?
Your financial future
Are shares a good investment?
Do you trust yourself or a professional?
Is it feasible to invest yourself?

2. A Common Sense Approach to Investing
The application of common sense
Keeping it simple

3. The PE Ratio
Calculating the PE
Interpretation of the PE
Market comparisons
The Rule of 20

4. The Mighty PEG
What is the PEG?
Using the PEG
PEG limitations
Where to find PEG data

5. Investing for Dividends
High dividend portfolios
Defining the key terms
The importance of re-investing dividends
Dogs of the Dow - a portfolio with bite
One final point - maiden dividends

6. Diversification
Asset allocation
The need for balance
Global diversification
Sectors and stocks
Your risk profile

7. Directors' Deals
What are directors' deals?
Not every deal is the same
Following directors' dealings in practice

8. Charting the Way
Three principles of technical analysis
Does charting work?
Case studies
Trend changes
History repeats itself

9. Investing or Trading?
The trading investor
Volatility as a Good Thing
Trend trading
Investors and traders play by different rules

10. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Range of ETFs
How ETFs can be used by investors
ETC hedging and credit risk

11. Commodities
The fifth asset class
How to invest in commodities

12. Smarter Ways to Deal
The types of contingent order
The benefits of Advanced Deal Mechanisms
Trading with ADMs
What level do you set for limit and stop orders?
Disadvantages of stop orders
My own ADM experience

13. My Top Tips for Long-Term Investors

PEs and PEGs of FTSE100 Companies


Published: 17/09/2011
Edition: 1st
Pages: 200
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857190192
ebook - ISBN 9780857191625
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