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Effective Investing

A simple way to build wealth by investing in funds

By Mark Dampier

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Effective Investing

A simple way to build wealth by investing in funds

By Mark Dampier

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Investing can be one of the most reliable passports to a better life. But where should you invest your money?

Mark Dampier has been helping thousands of investors answer this question for over 30 years. In his first ever book he brings together everything he has learnt from grilling fund managers, weighing up investments and prospering through dramatic ups and downs.

The result is THE must-read insider’s guide for how to succeed as a DIY private investor.

As Mark explains, effective investing doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Armed with this book, you can find easy ways to make your money work for you, no matter how much or how little you start out with.

Writing in plain English and using real-life examples throughout, Mark reveals:

– the secrets of picking the best investment funds
– how he invests his own savings and pension fund
– starter portfolios for first-time investors
– the most common traps that investors fall into
– the trouble with buy-to-let and other popular solutions.

With today’s powerful online platforms and generous tax incentives (also outlined in the book), the markets have never been more accessible. But success without a plan is far from guaranteed. Effective Investing is the guide you’ve been waiting for to make sure you get what you want from your investing.

About the author

Mark Dampier has been head of research at Hargreaves Lansdown, the UK's largest independent stockbroking firm since 1998. He has been in the financial services industry for 32 years, initially working as an advisor helping individual clients to invest their money. He holds a BA Honours degree in Law. He has become one of the best-known and most widely quoted figures in the fund management industry. He writes a regular column in the Independent on funds and markets and regularly comments in the national press and on broadcast media. This is his first book (and, he swears, definitely his last!). In his spare time, depending on the season, you will find him shooting, skiing, sailing or fishing.


“Over many years Mark has developed an unmatched knowledge of investment markets and fund managers. I’m delighted that he has decided to share his expertise in this book.”

– Anthony Bolton, Senior Adviser, Fidelity Worldwide Investment

“Mark Dampier is one of the most experienced and shrewd financial advisers I have met in more than a quarter of a century reporting on money. Mark’s book is a must-read for everyone who hasn’t made as big a fortune as he has.”

– Ian Cowie, Investment columnist, Sunday Times (previously Personal Finance Editor, The Telegraph)

“Mark Dampier’s book is an excellent distillation of many years of investing and advising clients. A combination of wisdom and common sense makes this an essential manual for the DIY investor.”

– Edward Bonham Carter, Jupiter Asset Management

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About the Author

1. Introduction
2. The Basics of Investing
3. Getting Started
4. Narrowing the Field
5. How to Pick the Best Funds
6. Building and Managing Your Portfolio
7. How I Invest My Own Money
8. Other Ways to Invest
9. Reflections on a Three-Decade Career
10. Final Thoughts


Published: 11/11/2015
Edition: 1st
Pages: 272
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857194671
ebook - ISBN 9780857195111
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