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How to Negotiate

The beginner's guide to saving money, gaining confidence and getting great deals

By Chloe Askwith

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How to Negotiate

The beginner's guide to saving money, gaining confidence and getting great deals

By Chloe Askwith

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This is a practical and insightful book to give new business owners the tools to save money and become confident negotiators. Find out exactly what you want from each deal and the go out to get this in a considered, considerate way that protects and grows long term business relationships.

Negotiation is an essential skill for business owners, one which is sometimes overlooked. The benefits of being able to negotiate well are significant and extend beyond business life. Besides being able to save money, you will be able to improve other aspects of your deals which may include payments, delivery, volumes, quality, you may get other benefits such as marketing support and you should gain some extra friends! Knowing exactly what you need to achieve and making a plan of how to go about it will certainly improve your confidence when dealing with suppliers, and will give you and your company a professional edge.

This book takes you through all the steps necessary for good negotiation. Starting with some golden rules which ensure that you don’t rush into a deal or make mistakes, we will to make sure you understand what you are wanting to achieve and then ensuring that you understand the needs of your supplier or customer to get to a ‘win-win’ situation. The book highlights the importance of building long term relationships and it gives tips on meetings, what to wear, language to use and body language to be aware of.

You will learn:

– How to carry out research into your market
– How to find many ways to save money
– To understand how to structure deals that will benefit you
– To communicate clearly with your suppliers and customers
– What to expect at business meetings
– How to keep discussing a deal until it is right for you (and your supplier)
– The importance of relationships
– How to feel confident even in difficult situations
– Negotiating skills you learn never fail to stand you in good stead when you are in discussions at home or work.

About the author

Chloe Askwith is an experienced negotiator and working mother. Chloe has worked for over 15 years in film and television both buying and selling across Europe the Middle East and Africa. She has experience of working with large corporations and small start up companies with deals from a few hundred pounds to many millions. While having a large amount of negotiating experience, Chloe also understands the needs of start up businesses first hand.


1. What is negotiation?
2. How will you benefit?
3. Just before we get going
4. Take Action 1 - Do your research
5. Take Action 2 - Work out what's really up for discussion (your 'variables')
6. Take Action 3 - Work out the deal you would like
7. Take Action 4 - Negotiate
8. Take Action 5 - Agree a deal
9. Meetings
10. How to dress and what to say
11. Long term relationships
12. Language
13. Steps and some things to remember
14. Useful links

Links to learn business skills

Edition: 1st
Pages: 55
Formats: ebook - ISBN 9781908003416
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