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How to Pay for College

A complete financial plan for funding your child's education

By Ann Garcia

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How to Pay for College

A complete financial plan for funding your child's education

By Ann Garcia

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Providing your children with a good education is one of the best gifts you can give.
But it’s not straightforward.

Education costs and student loan debt are skyrocketing. In some cases, college costs upwards of $300,000 for four years. And calculations for financial aid and merit awards are complex and opaque.

How do you find the best education options that fit your budget and are absolutely right for your child? And how do you save for your kids’ college without wrecking your own retirement, or putting your other goals completely out of reach?

Ann Garcia—known as The College Financial Lady—is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and college finance expert, and is here to help.

In How to Pay for College, Ann shows you how to develop a financial plan for college that really works, including:

How to save and how much to save.
How to find good college choices that fit your budget.
How to get scholarships and tax benefits.
How to talk to your kids about the costs and benefits of going to college.

Plus invaluable information and inside tricks to help you crack the college financial challenge.

Detailed explanations of the key elements in planning for college—the FAFSA’s methodology, merit awards, 529 plans, AP credits, student loans, financial aid awards, budgeting, and more—are paired with worksheets and exercises to give you a full picture of your family’s college financial position.

This definitive guide gives you everything you need to give your children the best education possible, at a price you can all afford.

About the author

Ann Garcia, CFP®, has helped thousands of families—including her own—save millions of dollars on college. Ann is the managing partner of Independent Progressive Advisors, a fee-only financial advisor, and the author of The College Financial Lady blog. Ann and her husband, Bob, live in Portland, OR, with their golden retriever. Their twins are away from home attending (affordable) colleges.

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Published: 19/07/2022
Pages: 254
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857199294
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