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Stock Market Trading Rules

Collected Wisdom From 80 International Stock Market Experts

By Stephen Eckett

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Stock Market Trading Rules

Collected Wisdom From 80 International Stock Market Experts

By Stephen Eckett

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Back in 2001, The Harriman House Book of Investing Rules was compiled and published. The project was a huge success, the rules provided by the contributors were fascinating, insightful and entertaining, and for the first time the book pooled together collected wisdom of 150 of the world’s greatest traders in one place.

One of the many strengths of the rules that were written for and included in the original publication was their timeless quality – these gems of investing and trading wisdom apply to a range of markets across a spread of time periods and are not confined to one market or one set of circumstances.

And so it is that the decision was made to republish the original rules in a more condensed form and in a new format. In this eBook you will find just that; 80 sets of trading rules from expert international traders. As with the original publication, these rules provide condensed knowledge from experts about what they consider to the key determinants of trading success.

You will notice that the experts do not agree, this is intentional as trading is a diverse and conflicting pursuit, and you will notice that the rules are not comprehensive, this is also intentional, as this is a reference guide to be dipped into and to encourage you to take up further reading elsewhere on subjects that appeal to you.

Traders of all experience levels will find these rules useful in clarifying aspects of their trading approach.

The original publication of 150 rules is also available as an eBook, from all good online retailers.

About the author

Stephen Eckett started his career with Baring Securities and then later worked for Bankers Trust and S.G. Warburg, during which time he worked in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. After settling in France he co-founded Harriman House which has become the leading independent publisher of financial books in the U.K. He also writes books on finance including, most recently, the Harriman Stock Market Almanac.


Robert Aliber
Nick Antill
Martin Barnes
Gary Belsky
William Bernstein
John Bogle
David Braun
John Calamos
Thom Calandra
Donald Cassidy
Edward Chancellor
Moorad Choudhry
Tim Congdon
Laurence Copeland
Richard Cragg
Anthony Cross
Larry Cunningham
Frank Curzio
Ray Dalio
David DeRosa
Richard Driehaus
Marc Faber
Frank Fabozzi
Niall Ferguson
Ken Fisher
Martin Fridson
David Fried
Foster Friess
Jeremy Grantham
Robert Green
Herb Greenberg
Bill Gross
Steve Harmon
John Hathaway
John Husselbee
Roger Ibbotson
Mark Ingebretsen
Philippe Jorion
Ajay Kapur
John Kay
Mike Kwatinetz
Dean LeBaron
Steve Leuthold
Burton Malkiel
Joe Mansueto
Rajnish Mehra
Paul Melton
Michael Molinski
Robert Monks
David Morgan
John Mulvey
Alan Newman
David Newton
Victor Niederhoffer
Michael Niemira
Michael O'Higgins
Jim Oberweis
Terrance Odean
Paul Ormerod
Lois Peltz
Mitchell Posner
Henriëtte Prast
George Putnam
Alfred Rappaport
Jay Ritter
John Rothchild
Thomas Schneeweis
Steven Schoenfeld
Charles Schwab
Jeremy Siegel
Andrew Smithers
Joel Stern
Catherine Tan
Richard Thaler
David Tice
Timothy Vick
Ralph Wanger
Ben Warwick
Henry Weingarten
Martin Whitman

Published: 11/01/2012
Edition: 1st
Pages: 150
Formats: ebook - ISBN 9780857192134
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