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Lessons from the greatest investors in history - from Jesse Livermore to Warren Buffett and beyond

By Matthew Partridge

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Lessons from the greatest investors in history - from Jesse Livermore to Warren Buffett and beyond

By Matthew Partridge

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The ultimate guide to history’s greatest ever investors

Superinvestors lays bare the investing secrets of legendary investors – from early 20th-century figures such as Benjamin Graham and John Maynard Keynes, through to more modern names such as Anthony Bolton and Warren Buffett.

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The investors have been picked for a variety of criteria, including their investing excellence, the different ways in which they have made money – and above all for what they can teach individual investors.

A wide range of investment styles are represented, ranging from David Ricardo (who made a fortune by correctly predicting the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo), to the patient value-orientated approach of Warren Buffett. The book also looks at some important innovators, including John Bogle and his development of index funds as a low-cost way of getting exposure to the market, and Edward O. Thorp and his data-driven approach which aims to avoid human emotion.

The book looks at each of the investors’ careers in depth. This includes their background, the strategies used to beat their peers, and an honest evaluation of their success, using a special star-rating system. Naturally, the main focus is on their best investments. However, sometimes failures can be extremely instructive – so the book also looks at those investments that didn’t quite go to plan. Finally, each chapter concludes by detailing the lessons that ordinary investors can learn from the superinvestor.

The result is a treasure trove of success stories, cautionary tales, legendary stock picks and world-beating strategies that will fascinate and inspire investors of every level.

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Jesse Livermore, David Ricardo, George Soros, Michael Steinhardt, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Anthony Bolton, Neil Woodford, Philip Fisher, T. Rowe Price, Peter Lynch, Nick Train, Georges Doriot, Eugene Kleiner and Tom Perkins, John Templeton, Robert W. Wilson, Edward O. Thorp, John Maynard Keynes, Jack Bogle, Paul Samuelson

About the author

Matthew Partridge is an experienced financial journalist. He writes for MoneyWeek magazine, Britain's biggest-selling personal finance weekly. A trained historian, Matthew did a degree in economics and history at the University of Durham, before doing a master's and a doctorate in economic history at the London School of Economics. He has taught at Goldsmiths, University of London, as well as spending time at various investment banks and a well-known economics consultancy.


“..this book is a worthwhile addition to the category….Anyone considering investing in the stock market for the first time or even with years of investing experience will benefit from the insight provided by these super investors.”

Les Masonson, Buy Don’t Hold

“It’s a proper good read”

Ben Judge, MoneyWeek

“If you are a private investor it will show you what can make for success. If you are a professional fund manager it will provide you with useful insights on your rivals and those who came before you – and perhaps get you rating yourself.”

Clive Moffatt (from the foreword)

“This is a great read!”

Martin Bamford, Informed Choice

“…an enjoyable romp through some interesting and influential investment personalities.”

Jeremy Prescott

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The investors have been picked for a variety of criteria, including their investing excellence, the different ways in which they have made money, and above all, for what they can teach individual investors…The result is a treasure trove of success stories, cautionary tales, legendary stock picks and world-beating strategies that will fascinate and inspire investors… Read more »

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About the Author
Foreword by Clive Moffatt

Introduction: Opportunities for Ordinary Investors
- A world of highly-paid coin-flippers?
- Greatest investors
- Rating the investors

1. Jesse Livermore - The Trend-Following Boy Plunger
- A self-made man
- From the farm to Wall Street via bucket shops
- Reading the tape like a conductor
- From rags to riches to rags
- The man who brought down the market
- Blowing money on other investments
- What Livermore's story teaches us

2. David Ricardo - The Napoleonic Speculator
- Introduction
- How did he start out?
- Taking advantage of hysteria
- Small profits add up to a lavish lifestyle
- Ricardo's Waterloo
- Difference between investing and speculation

3. George Soros - The Alchemist Who Broke the Bank of England
- Feared rather than loved
- From immigrant to billionaire
- Using reflexivity
- Breaking the Bank of England
- Mauled by the Russian bear
- Lessons from George Soros

4. Michael Steinhardt - The Contrarian Hedge Funder
- Introduction
- The sociology of the markets
- From block trading to variant perception
- The not so Nifty Fifty
- The trades that didn't work out
- Huge returns
- Worthwhile, but difficult

5. Benjamin Graham - The Father of Value Investing
- Introduction
- Buying value and smoking cigar butts
- Graham-Newman Corporation
- Value matters

6. Warren Buffett - The Elder Statesman of Finance
- Introduction
- From Omaha to Wall Street
- From value to growth
- Six decades of success
- Picking up where Graham left off
- What we can learn from Buffett

7. Anthony Bolton - The British Warren Buffett
- Introduction
- From stock picker to 'Silent Assassin'
- Three decades of success - both at home and abroad
- Bolton's best calls
- Bolton's turbulent Chinese experience
- The importance of value investing

8. Neil Woodford - The Top Current Value Manager in Britain
- Introduction
- From flying planes to City high-flyer
- Value investing for the long term
- Strong performance
- Skipping down Tobacco Road
- Missed opportunity with banks
- Upsides (and downsides) of value investing

9. Philip Fisher - The Inventor of Growth Investing
- Introduction
- Career break proved a hidden blessing
- Finding fast-growing companies
- Texas Instruments and Motorola
- Companies for all seasons

10. T. Rowe Price - The Pragmatic Growth Investor
- Introduction
- From chemistry to money management
- Growth - but not at any price
- Strong track record
- High-flying stocks
- Other lessons for investors

11. Peter Lynch - The Man Who Beat the Street
- Introduction
- From the golf course to fund management
- Bottom-up investing
- Outpacing the bull
- Liked the company, bought its shares, made a packet
- Growth investing simplified

12. Nick Train - The Inactive Optimist
- Introduction
- Apprentice becomes the master
- Finding value in growth
- Buying shares in good-tasting companies
- Stocks - and stock markets - for the long run
- Exceptional performance
- What has worked...
- ...and what hasn't
- Keeping it simple

13. Georges Doriot - The Venture Capital Pioneer
- Introduction
- Buying a stake in a business
- Short-term problems, long-term success
- Doriot's best investment - Digital Electronic Corporation
- Lessons from ARDC

14. Eugene Kleiner and Tom Perkins - The VCs of Silicon Valley
- Introduction
- The refugee and the executive
- Investing in edible dog food
- Two big successes
- What you can learn from Kleiner Perkins

15. John Templeton - The Global Investor
- Introduction
- From poker player to star fund manager
- Investing abroad - and against the herd
- Getting Japan right, wrong and right again
- Importance of overseas investing

16. Robert W. Wilson - The Short Seller
- Introduction
- Putting his investing before his day job
- Adding leverage to hedged investments
- Turning a nest egg into a large fortune
- Success on both the long and short sides
- Squeezed in Atlantic City
- The eighth wonder of the world

17. Edward O. Thorp - The Revenge of the Quants
- Introduction
- From blackjack to the stock market
- Systematic and scientific investing
- High returns, low risk
- Other good investments
- How to follow in Thorp's footsteps

18. John Maynard Keynes - The Stockpicking Economist
- Introduction
- Combining academia and money-making
- From asset allocation to stock picking
- Mediocre speculator but outstanding stock picker
- Mining shares and car companies
- Importance of flexibility

19. John 'Jack' Bogle - The Founder of Index Investing
- Introduction
- Poacher turned gamekeeper
- Buying the dartboard
- First they laugh at you, then they copy you
- Does passive investing work?
- Depressing or liberating?

20. Paul Samuelson - The Secret Investor
- Introduction
- Random walk
- Commodities Corporation
- Private investments
- Pretty efficient market

Conclusion: Lessons of the Superinvestors
- 1. The market can be beaten
- 2. There are many roads to investment success
- 3. Be flexible...
- 4. ...but not too flexible
- 5. Successful investing requires an edge
- 6. When you do have an edge, bet big
- 7. Have an exit strategy
- 8. Ordinary investors have some advantages
- 9. Big isn't always beautiful
- 10. It's good to have some distance from the crowd
- The best superinvestor?

- A. Published books
- B. Journal articles and working papers
- C. Newspaper and magazine articles
- D. Other sources


Published: 26/06/2017
Edition: 1st
Pages: 266
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857195975
ebook - ISBN 9780857195982
audio - ISBN 0000000000001
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