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The Business of Trading

101 steps to trading success

By John Piper

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The Business of Trading

101 steps to trading success

By John Piper

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John Piper has been trading successfully since the 1980s. To him it is a business, and one that he runs from all over the world. He would not swap the lifestyle – the freedom, the financial rewards, the barbecued seafood – for anything. And in this course he reveals how others can enjoy it for themselves too.

Over 101 short and easily digestible chapters, this eBook takes readers behind the scenes of the life of a professional trader: from how to get started all the way through to staying in the game for the long term. Find out what a profitable strategy looks like. Discover the cardinal rules of effective risk management. Get a true handle on the kind of mindset you need to succeed. And watch some of Piper’s own trades in action with exclusive links to online videos.

Collecting his acclaimed ‘Trading Intelligence 101’ emails together for the first time, this is one of the most candid guides to making a living in the markets that you will ever read.

About the author

John Piper has been involved with markets since his early twenties. In the late 1980s he started to trade options full time and did so right through the Crash of 1987 - an experience that stands him in good stead for the markets today. For over a decade he has been the editor of The Technical Trader, the leading newsletter in the UK for those who trade in futures and options markets worldwide.


1. Welcome
2. The Very Basics of Trading
3. An Edge
4. Profits and Cutting Losses
5. Risk Control
6. Manic Depression - The Market Mirror
7. From Extreme to Extreme
8. A Simple Trading Approach
9. Trade What You See
10. A recap of modules 1 - 9
11. Trading and Psychology Questionnaire
12. Winners and Losers
13. The Internet
14. The Evolution of a Trader
15. The Risk-Orientated Trader
16. An Understanding of the Market
17. An Understanding of How You Work
18. An Understanding of How Your System Works
19. Risk Control and Stops
20. A recap of modules 1 - 19
21. A Look at Spread Betting (aka Futures Trading)
22. A Look at Binary Betting
23. A Look at Option Trading
24. A Look at Share Trading
25. You
26. Commitment
27. A Day in the Life of a Trader
28. Discipline
29. Money Management
30. A recap of modules 1 - 29
31. Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
32. Analysts and Traders
33. Risk Control
34. Futures and Fair Value
35. The Three Simple Rules
36. Control Your Losses
37. Run Your Profits
38. Trade Selectively
39. System Parameters
40. A recap of modules 1 - 39
41. Entry vs. Exit
42. Your System/Approach
43. Operation
44. Let There be No Illusions
45. Profit/Loss
46. How Many Brains Do You Think You Have?
47. Who is Going to Bail You Out?
48. Winning Trades
49. Trapping Your Prey with Moving Averages
50. A recap of modules 1 - 49
51. Testing Out Your System
52. Trapping Your Prey More Quickly
53. Milestones
54. Five Characteristics of Successful Traders
55. The Elliott Wave Theory
56. Price Spikes
57. The Evolution of a Trader
58. Failed Breaks and Failed Re-tests
59. Focus
60. A recap of modules 1 - 59
61. Trendlines and Moving Averages
62. The Mind of the Markets
63. Acceptance and Rejection
64. What Do We Really Have Control Over?
65. Selling the Dow at the Top (I)
66. Selling the Dow at the Top (II)
67. Selling the Dow at the Top (III)
68. Putting it all Together
69. The Next Step
70. A recap of modules 1 - 69
71. Using Your System (I)
72. Using Your System (II)
73. Trading FTSE on 26th November 2007 (I)
74. Trading FTSE on 26th November 2007 (II)
75. Trading FTSE on 26th November 2007 (III)
76. Trading the News
77. Trading the £ with Options
78. Trading FTSE Triangles
79. Trading Dow Binaries
80. A recap of modules 1 - 79
81. Q&As (I)
82. Q&As (II)
83. Why Your Stop Policy May be a Big Mistake
84. Where to Trade
85. Making a System Your Own (I)
86. What Next?
87. 24 Hour Markets
88. Making a System Your Own (II)
89. Trading and Life
90. Your Q&As
91. More Q&As
92. One Use of a Track Record
93. Wealth Creation
94. Webinar One
95. Trading Vehicles and ETFs
96. Work
97. Webinar Two
98. Even More Q&As
99. ETFs
100. Clarity of Vision
101. You've Made It!

Extra Modules

102. Trading is a Business
103. Panic to Complacency
104. Fibonacci Targets and Freebies

Published: 06/02/2012
Edition: 1st
Pages: 300
Formats: ebook - ISBN 9780857192028
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