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The Equity Edge

A complete guide to building wealth through the stock market

By Mark Jeavons

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The Equity Edge

A complete guide to building wealth through the stock market

By Mark Jeavons

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The Equity Edge provides a complete system for successfully building and managing an investment portfolio of stocks and shares that steadily grows wealth and generates a reliable income.

Successful investor Mark Jeavons answers many of the practical questions investors have when investing. He shows you how to select the very best companies to invest in, taking you through all the steps of the selection process. He then gives you the strategies to determine when to buy and sell investments to ensure your portfolio can survive and prosper in all market conditions.

The methods outlined provide a consistent equity edge, minimising poor investment decisions while generating superior returns to the overall market over the long term.

About the author

Mark Jeavons has successfully applied his quantitative skills and decades of investment experience to bottom-up analysis of stocks and shares using the system outlined in this new book, The Equity Edge. This has helped build a portfolio that provides significant income and growth, and has helped him achieve financial freedom.

As a professional investor, he has also helped to manage large family funds (as well as his own personal funds) across a broad range of assets, including equities. He holds masters degrees in economics and in statistics, and currently works for one of the largest asset managers in the world.

Media coverage

From MoneyWeek:

The Equity Edge is an excellent book, which I would highly recommend. It fills a gap left by the current crop of investment guides. Even investors looking for more general advice will benefit from the tips on how to prune down the universe of investible shares to harvest only those most likely to be successful.

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About the Author

1. The Equity Edge
2. Screening for Company Shares
3. Earnings Checks
4. Sales Checks
5. Cash-flow Checks
6. Dividend Checks
7. Debt and Solvency Checks
8. Competitive-advantage Checks
9. Book Price and Valuation Ratios
10. Qualitative Analysis
11. Broker Valuations
12. Long-term Fair Value
13. Charting for Investors
14. When to Sell Shares
15. Managing Investment Allocation
16. Bringing it all Together

Published: 24/03/2020
Pages: 248
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857197986
ebook - ISBN 9780857197993
audio - ISBN 0000000000076
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