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Young and Mighty

Your secret weapon for earning some money, changing the world, and spending your future doing what you love

By Henry Patterson

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Young and Mighty

Your secret weapon for earning some money, changing the world, and spending your future doing what you love

By Henry Patterson

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You can turn your passion into more than just a hobby. When he was nine years old, Henry Patterson (now aged 14) turned his sweet stall into a storybook and children’s brand, which led to an international business that took him around the world, meeting fantastic people along the way – including Sir Richard Branson and the co-founder of Instagram, Mike Krieger.

In Young and Mighty, Henry not only shows how to start your own business at any age, he also shares 30 tried-and-tested ways to earn some money right now, as well as 20 fun methods for fundraising for causes that matter to you.

Young and Mighty is for those who want to find what makes them tick, for those who want to change the world, for those who just want to have fun. Grab it and go make your unique mark on the world!
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About the author

Henry Patterson set up his first business selling manure at the age of four and hasn't looked back. Despite not always fitting in at school, Henry has taken his own path based on the principle that whatever you do should make you and others happy.

Henry frequently speaks to audiences of young people all over the world to share his ideas about business and about the importance of making your own way in life.

In January 2018, now 14, Henry set up Young & Mighty, an online space to inspire young people to turn their idea into a thing.

@henryjpatterson (Instagram)


The book is perfect for young people looking to flex their entrepreneurial muscles, but it’s more than just the content that is inspiring. The fact that Henry conceived the idea, wrote and collated the content and found a publisher for this book resets the bar on what is possible for young people.

Opal & Co

Media coverage

From BBC iPlayer:

Meet the kids running their own businesses, bringing in loads of cash, and making you very jealous. Matt Edmondson meets a YouTube star, a business guru and a nine-year-old CEO. Harriman House author Henry Patterson offers his top tips for business at the launch of his debut book Young and Mighty. When asked about the… Read more »

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From Opal & Co:

It’s a fun, engaging book with lots of practical tips and fun exercises to get you thinking and doing. I was very proud when Henry asked me to write the chapter on branding, and even more excited when I discovered that other contributors include Sir Richard Branson, Mike Krieger (co-founder of Instagram), Theo Paphitis, Sarah… Read more »

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From Holly & Co:

Young and Mighty promotes confidence and thoughtfulness, not just material ambition. I’m so proud to have contributed to the book, but regardless of this, I’m so very proud to even know him.

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From Fox 8 Local First :

16th May 2018 – UK 14 year old serial entrepreneur and founder of children’s brand Not Before Tea, Henry Patterson, 14, is setting out to educate his generation on the value of money and work, with the publication today of a book that combines practical advice with the author’s own recipe for success and happiness.… Read more »

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From School Days Magazine:

The author is Henry Patterson is just fourteen year old. He began his official business journey at the age of nine when he launched children’s brand Not Before Tea. At 12 years old, Henry was a keynote speaker at the prestigious Retail Week Live event at the 02 arena in London. Henry has just set… Read more »

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From Business Matters:

Young and Mighty – subtitled “Your secret weapon for earning some money, changing the world, and spending your future doing what you love” – includes ideas for making extra money and fundraising for good causes, plain English guides to the basics of starting and running a business, and a section packed with tips and engaging… Read more »

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From Response Source:

He says: “The real point of the book is to help people my age to think about how to make their way in the world. Children today don’t know if they’ll get a job or have their own home when they get older. Schools don’t teach us how to really set up a business. They… Read more »

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About the Author

Who I am
Why I wrote this book
How to use this book

My Story
Losing my voice
Finding my voice

Part One: 30 Ways to Earn Some Money
A quick official bit
Ways to earn money outdoors
Ways to earn money indoors
How to spread the word!
Selling your stuff – everything you need to know

Part Two: 20 Ways to Fundraise for a Good Cause

Part Three: How to Turn an Idea into a Business
Business basics
Branding basics
Marketing basics
Protecting your ideas
Lessons I have learnt (often the hard way)

Part Four: Scribble and Scribe

Part Five: Learn From the Best
Nigel Botterill
Sir Richard Branson
Ariana DeBose
Lavinia Drake
Faye Michel Jary
Mike Krieger
Sir Cameron Mackintosh
Natasha Minter
Theo Paphitis
Laura Phelan
Tim Stockdale
Christopher Tendai
Holly Tucker
Sarah Willingham

Final Word

Thank You

Published: 14/05/2018
Edition: 1st
Pages: 238
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857196576
ebook - ISBN 9780857196583
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