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Your Retirement Salary

How to use your lifetime of pension savings to pay yourself an income in your retirement

By Richard Dyson and Richard Evans

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Your Retirement Salary

How to use your lifetime of pension savings to pay yourself an income in your retirement

By Richard Dyson and Richard Evans

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You have spent a few decades working, earning a salary, and saving into company and personal pensions along the way. Now, retirement is approaching.

How will you turn your savings into a salary to pay for essentials and – and non-essentials – in retirement? How will you make sure that you don’t run out of money in retirement? What do the UK pension freedoms mean for you?

In this one-of-a-kind book, personal finance experts Richard Dyson and Richard Evans answer these questions and equip you with everything you need to know to turn your pension savings into an income that will last throughout your retirement.

You will learn:

— How to take control of your pension savings by tracking down all of your pension pots and combining them.

— When you can afford to retire.

— Steps to take to avoid running out of money.

— How to build an income-paying portfolio of fund investments from scratch.

— How to withdraw a sustainable income from your portfolio.

— How annuities work and whether they have a role for you.

— How to make the most of the tax rules.

— The importance of the state pension and how to maximise it.

— When to seek professional advice.

This is your complete, step-by-step guide to organising your pension money and making the most out of it to pay yourself a retirement salary. Don’t enter retirement without it.

About the author

Richard Dyson is a prize-winning financial journalist with a 20-year career writing for many of Britain’s leading media groups and specialist investor titles, including the Express, Mail on Sunday, Investors Chronicle, and the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph.
He was previously Head of Personal Finance at the Telegraph Media Group, where he oversaw all the personal finance and investment writing across the Telegraph titles and websites.
He has won numerous awards for financial writing including, in 2016, being named the Personal Finance Society’s Journalist of the Year.
He conceived the Telegraph’s widely followed Questor Income Portfolio, a publicly tracked portfolio of 25 stocks and bonds aimed squarely at retired investors who seek income.
Launched at a time when the Bank of England’s Base Rate was just 0.25%, the portfolio has succeeded in generating its target 5% income, maintained its capital value and delivered strong total returns.

About the author

Richard Evans is one of Britain’s leading investment commentators and an expert on the enormous range of funds – such as unit trusts and investment trusts – available to individual savers.

His knowledge has been largely amassed through one-on-one interviews with fund managers and other professional investors over the course of many years.

With a particular interest in sustainable income investing, Richard Evans invented the "1% rule" – fully explained in this book – which enables non-specialist savers to ensure they do not deplete their investments too quickly.

Richard Evans currently edits the Daily Telegraph’s Questor share- tipping column. He was previously Personal Finance Editor of the Daily Telegraph.


Clear answers are supplied here – on everything, from your pension savings to building an income-producing portfolio of investments from scratch.


“Learn how to invest your money so it lasts your lifetime by reading Your Retirement Salary”.

Daily Mail

Got a pension? Need an income in retirement? Read this book.

Andy Bell, founder of low-cost broker AJ Bell

This book details the best ways to use your accumulated capital when it’s time to retire.

Peter Hargreaves, co-founder of Hargreaves Landsown – Britain’s biggest investment service.

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From The Telegraph:

Your Retirement Salary, a new book co-written by Richard Evans, The Telegraph’s Questor Editor, suggests selling investments gradually. It recommends that investors take income from dividends and supplement it, if necessary, by selling no more than 1pc of their pot each year. The book says: “We suspect that the idea of gradually selling some of… Read more »

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From Master Investor:

Your Retirement Salary is an indispensable guide for anyone who is approaching retirement and wants to make the best of the funds they have available. While I am a few decades away from statutory retirement age, I still found it useful, with the book providing a range of tips and tactics to employ so you… Read more »

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From The Daily Mail:

Four years ago, the Government brought in a rule change that had dramatic consequences for retirees. The reforms, known as ‘pension freedoms’, gave savers unprecedented flexibility around how they spend their hard-earned cash in retirement. But with that freedom comes a huge responsibility to ensure you do not run out of money and end up… Read more »

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Personal finance experts Richard Evans and Richard Dyson give readers everything they need to know to generate an income to last them throughout retirement. For those who have retired under the new pension freedoms, there is a huge demand for information and guidance on planning a secure retirement. Clear answers are supplied here – on… Read more »

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From The Telegraph:

Upon inspection, the “save half your age” rule fails to deliver – and it is not alone. Last week we reported that the “4pc rule”, which says you can safely withdraw 4pc of your pension a year, could shrink a portfolio too quickly in falling markets when shares are worth less. Your Retirement Salary, a… Read more »

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Now a “1pc rule” has been introduced to solve the problem by former head of Telegraph Money Richard Dyson and Questor editor Richard Evans in their new book Your Retirement Salary. The authors argue that investors should take income from dividends and supplement if necessary by selling no more than 1pc of their pot each… Read more »

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Prologue: How much income can I expect from my pension savings – and will it be enough?
Before we start, a word of warning…

Part One: Getting Prepared
Chapter One: Britain's Pension Earthquake
Chapter Two: Gain Control of Your Pension Pots

Part Two: Being Your Own Pension Manager
Chapter Three: Making Sure Your Money Lasts as Long as You Do
Chapter Four: How to Build an Income Portfolio from Scratch
Chapter Five: Taking Sustainable Income from Your Portfolio
Chapter Six: The End Game: How to Maintain Your Income in the Later Years

Part Three: Tax, Advice and Other Sources of Income
Chapter Seven: What You Need to Know about Tax
Chapter Eight: What Happens to Your Pensions When You Die
Chapter Nine: Your State Pension
Chapter Ten: Your Home as a Source of Cash
Chapter Eleven: Professional Advice


Published: 01/04/2019
Edition: 1st
Pages: 192
Formats: paperback - ISBN 9780857195678
ebook - ISBN 9780857195685
audio - ISBN 0000000000026
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