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Adam’s Reads: A History of the London Stock Market

“This is an incredibly methodical and detailed analysis of the stock market. It begins when the second world war was starting and the Financial Times Ordinary Index plunged to a low of 49.4. The modern version of the index is now hovering around 6,000 which shows you how far things have changed since then. In 1947 the main stock market index of leading shares had such companies as Dunlop, Harrods and Morris Motors – names which have long since left the stock market listings.

It’s not a book to be read in one sitting but it is well written, to the point and a great reference source. It’s also surprisingly relevant to some of the stories of today and helps set what look like new topics into their proper context. Whilst I might pass other books onto my colleagues once I’ve read them, this one is going to remain firmly on my desktop.”

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