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Shares Made Simple has been written for those who are new to stock market investment or who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge of how the stock market works.

Anyone wishing to make their own investment decisions, rather than hand their assets over to a fund manager or see them stagnate in bank and building society accounts, will benefit from this carefully crafted step by step guide.

Even people with little spare cash but who want to be informed of the financial world we live in can gain a greater understanding of how the City of London and other business centres operate.

The book is also an invaluable tool for anyone who professionally needs to know about the stock market, from potential wheeler- dealers to advisers such as auditors and PR, to back office staff and students on business or media courses.

The book is organised to take readers logically through the various stages of understanding stock market investment, with each new concept explained in simple terms as it arises.

It begins by outlining what shares are, why they exist and why people buy them, followed by a look at the London Stock Exchange and what it is there for.

The author, Rodney Hobson, discusses how to make sensible decisions on which companies to invest in, sifting the mine of information that is published through the stock exchange, and learn how to pick out the key points in company results, including the warning signs.

With the basics explained, Hobson goes on to look at how to buy and sell shares, where to get advice and how to remain well informed. He also looks at takeovers and mergers, the most exciting aspect of stock market investing and the area that offers most scope for making money to investors who, like those who have read this book, understand what is going on.

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