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Book Review, by Dr Girish Patel

“A comprehensive guide to fighting alcohol dependence comes under our reviewer’s spotlight. Beat the booze is an easy-to-read book aimed specifically at those with alcohol dependence and their family and friends who wish to help them battle the problem.

The two authors use their experiences of their own battles with alcohol in order to create a very useful and practical guide to stopping or curtailing alcohol intake. One had alcohol dependence and the other had a lifestyle predisposing to excess alcohol intake.

There are many inspiring short stories from people who have managed to conquer their alcohol dependence or cut down their intake to safe limits. There are testimonies from friends and relatives on how they helped loved ones kick alcohol addiction into touch. And there are lots of useful quotes from world-renowned experts in alcohol addiction.

Particularly useful is the extensive range of both public and private organisations that offer help to those dependent on alcohol. At the end of each chapter are listed essential take-home messages for those who really want to stop drinking alcohol or reduce their intake to safe limits.

The only criticism I have of this otherwise excellent book is that perhaps it should have contained more about the stages of change model. I would recommend it to those who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and to those who would like to help them.”

Rating: 4/5

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