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Book Review, by Grant Griffiths

“One of my favorite past times is reading. My only problem, I donâ??t get to do as much as I would like. Recently I had the pleasure of reading a new book about working at home from the publisher of Enterprise Nation, Emma Jones. The book, ‘Spare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home’ is a wonderful, concise, well written, fun to read collection of hints, tips, how-to’s and case studies. It really hits on what you need to know and what you need to do to run a successful business from your home.

‘Spare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home’ is organized by three key themes, business, lifestyle and technology. Emma uses photos of her own home office and the interaction taking place between her and those she works with. And she reminds us to make sure we donâ??t overlook the importance of taking care of ourselves as we take care of business. My only regret about the book is that Emma lives in the UK so I will have to travel to actually meet her. She is one of those individuals that just gets it and reading ‘Spare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home’ gives you a great picture of what she knows and understands about running a successful home based business.”

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