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Book review by Richard Gill

“So wouldn’t it be good to be able to cut through all the noise and only listen to the advice of a few true investment professionals. By reading The Best Investment Writing, you can do exactly that.”

“There are a number of false prophets within the investment markets, amongst them journalists, dodgy share tipsters and other self proclaimed gurus. But The Best Investment Writing cuts through the rubbish and allows readers to learn from the cream of the crop of the investment world. So it’s no wonder that the editor says you could think of the book as a Masters in investing.”

“There is no doubt that by reading this book your knowledge will increase, making you a better investor, with the practical advice given likely to be beneficial to your portfolio. And with “Vol. 1″ written on the cover, suggesting that a sequel is in the pipeline, investors can likely look forward to another edition in the near future.”

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