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Book review – Essential reading for fans of motoring, business and wider interests

If you have ever wondered what it is that influences our decisions to buy stuff, then it helps it you can get a handle on what techniques marketers employ to engage with their potential customers. Richard Shotton’s excellent paperback is a prime example of observation and investigation in the field of comprehending what makes each of us tick. However, do not expect a tediously academic diatribe spread over its 202 pages. Its contents are very human and engaging, while the language used is charming and immensely entertaining. If you own, or operate, a business, there is much to be learned from the 25 surprisingly short chapters. Each of them concentrates on cognitive biases and provides practical means by which you can employ similar techniques, to apply them to your own marketing challenges. As a measure of its lack of bias, the reference section at the rear also highlights further reading opportunities that includes titles from some of the foremost and smartest leaders in advertising and marketing. Exceptionally easy to read and, then, to apply the lessons learned, I have seldom read such a useful business book.

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