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Book Review ? Micro Multinationals by Emily Coltman

Ever thought of yourself as a international trader? Are there markets that you think you?d like to be in, and ones that you can be successful in? What is stopping you from conquering the world?
Whether your product is good enough, or that you don?t know what financial systems you need to have in place to trade effectively or legally?The essence of Emily Coltman?s new book ?Micro Multinationals? is that with help we can all become foreign importers and exporters. There is a lot to learn, but Emily Coltman guides the reader in an effective way through the main parts of the process.

There are sections on what companies to use when trading internationally, advice on VAT and accounting when importing & exporting to EU & Non-EU countries as well as techniques to correctly apportion profit/loss in your multinational trades. This book has a lot of information that needs a little study to get the most out of it, but it is worth it.

Finance can be a difficult subject to get right when running a business, and it?s certainly more so when you add the complication of trading across national borders. For instance, what tax do you apply when sending a product to a non-VAT registered business in Luxembourg. With this book there is a solution for this, any many other questions.

?Micro Multinationals? is a significant book in that it places a lot of the information needed into a single place. There are links and sources identified for further reading, and this is essential if the reader is to apply the correct accounting techniques, but you could not go far wrong by making this book your first port of call to help you trade across the world.

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