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Book review: Multiply Your Money

Multiply Your Money offers an easy-to-follow route through the complexities of managing your personal finances, cutting through the jargon and showing that controlling your financial destiny is not just rewarding but can be easy and fun too.

With an increasing proportion of the population above retirement age, it is essential that we take responsibility for our savings and investments plans in order to provide a satisfactory income well into retirement. Nick Louth explains how to manage your finances for life including choosing a pension that suits your circumstances, investing in shares, funds and bonds, how to manage debt, in which he differentiates between good and bad debt, getting the right mortgage and how to make money from rental property.

For those who are prepared to invest in the markets, Nick offers excellent advice on how to select the best funds or shares, when to buy and when to sell. Also how to prevent charges and commissions from eroding your profits. There is also essential advice on minimising taxes on income, capital gains and inheritance.

What I particularly liked is that the book covers a wide range of the financial management subjects which affect most individuals at various times of their lives. Also it is written in language that makes finance as straightforward as possible to understand.

Each chapter starts with an introduction and ends with bullet points of the main conclusions. Most useful of all is the final chapter which explains 10 Common Investing Mistakes ? essential reading for all of us!

Nick Louth has been an investment writer and a professional investor for nearly 30 years. He has been a regular contributor to the Financial Times, Investors Chronicle, Money Observer and numerous other publications.

He is the winner of the CFA Society of the UK?s Article of the Year award.

Multiply Your Money is published by Harriman House. Price is £12.99 for the paperback.

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