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Book Review: The Bucks Stop Here by Jim Parton

The Buck Stops Here by Jim Parton

Money talks and mine said ?goodbye? reads the subtitle. And Parton, who is the subject of this autobiographical self-depricating comical money-logue really means it. Updated for 2009 with an additional epilogue, it reads as timely as it did when released in the 90s. Just as poignant and witty about the ins & outs of the City of London, the UK?s financial centre. Parton skewers all the popular perceptions of the ?hard working? denizens of the square mile.

As much time is spent reading the paper and working on that next big job jump than is actually working for the clients. He manages to work for five firms, never enjoying working for any of them really, making a decent amount of money. He then gets fired when the Japanese market, his speciality goes flat, his wife leaves him not long there after. Rather than be bitter, well except for his relations with his son, he seems to take it all in his stride and finds it all rather humourous. Now living in a ?Palace? in Silicia in Eastern Europe, he earns his living by writing. With tongue-firmly-in-cheek he takes you along his ride in the world of finance. The book reads well and is really cracking good fun. The perfect journey book methinks. Capitalism has rarely been so amusing.

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