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Book Review – The Financial Spread Betting Handbook

This a review of the second edition of this book. The first edition received a positive report back in 2008. Both books are a clear guide to spread betting, from opening an account to managing trades.

Changes in the second edition are related to changes in technology and trading platforms, and changes to the spread betting industry itself, including the addition of more providers. There is a completely updated section on leverage and managing exposure.

The bulk of the book is the same as the first edition. As the first edition was very good, that is not a problem.

The Financial Spread Betting Handbook is an excellent guide for those who are new to spread betting on the workings of the marketing and what to expect from your spread betting provider and account. Spread betting is an over-the-counter product. It is vital that newcomers understand how the market works so that they go in with their eyes open. Pryor’s knowledge here is excellent.

The trading strategies advocated by Pryor are based almost exclusively on technical analysis, since Pryor is a member of the United Kingdom’s Society of Technical Analysts. As I am not a fan of technical analysis, I would suggest some extra reading on different approaches to trading is needed.

In summary, the book is a good update of what was already an excellent handbook. It is also pleasing to hear that the changes to the spread betting industry have, for the most part, been positive for clients.

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