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From Broadway to publishing, Michael Jacobsen ? the Australian entrepreneur who brought Dirty Dancing to the West End stage ? is a highly prolific individual.
Anyone expecting his book to be all taps and flounces could not be further from the truth. I believe that anyone contemplating a fresh business opportunity, or who is already involved in a successful enterprise, will benefit from reading this excellent 220-page paperback.
As the title suggests, the book has a focus on the creative elements of running a business; and the fact is, there isn?t a business in existence that wouldn?t benefit from an extra splash of creativity.
Believing entirely in his personal mantra of vision, mission and values, Michael is very careful to highlight that you cannot get anywhere in business without monitoring models within it.
While there are a number of foundational aspects to this book, I would put them down to revision rather than repetition, and would urge you to read them anyway.
The strongest message that I took away after reading the book was the psychological value. The author looks at the influences of success to make this a most timely title.

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