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Although this is a small book, at just 98 pages cover-to-cover, it would be injudicious to judge it by its apparent brevity. As a means to transform one?s personal approach to work, or the environment within which you work, there is scarcely a word wasted.
Dave Coplin manages to address virtually every modern day business tool, appendage, service and function with precision and deadly accuracy. It is sublimely easy for any business person to feel under pressure from external and frequently nonsensical diversions. Of course, some of them cannot be avoided but the author provides a concise means by which to make a connection, to engage with and update knowledge, by addressing virtually all of them.
After I first read this paperback, I felt compelled to re-read it immediately just to reaffirm several of Dave?s comments. For me, this was something of a revelation. I am glad that the book is not that big!
When you consider that Dave is also an employee at Microsoft, you start to understand that perhaps Bill Gates does have his brain screwed on properly after all, certainly on the employment front. I would describe this author as an accidental guru, and as a business book, it has heaps to offer.

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