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This book starts with the basics of how foreign exchange works – but it also explains how the market works, which, compared to other books in the field, gives you a clear understanding about what it is you are doing when you enter a trade.
It then progresses to more complicated aspects of the market such as leverage and margin. Kathleen aims for simplicity but uses plenty of diagrams and real-life examples to show you what she is talking about. Her philosophy is that fundamental factors: politics, economics, and even social factors cause prices to move the way they do (and sometimes in the strangest ways), however throughout the day the smallest price movements are usually based upon the technical factors that cause prices to move the way they do,
Risk management strategy is the chief focus of Part A of this book. Part B goes straight to the heart of her philosophy. It will help you to understand the basic and more advanced fundamental and technical indicators out there, before the creme de la creme: how to combine the two. Most books either focus on fundamental or technical tricks; very rarely do they fuse the two.

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