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Brace Yourself for a Share Attack. Malcolm?s Book has a Bite

Do you need a great Christmas present for a friend or family member who?s always wanted to dive into shares, but didn’t dare enter the water? Then look no further than ‘Share Attack?.

Recently published, Share Attack contains 80 up-to-date tips on thriving and surviving in the wonderful world of making money out of the great game.

As you?d expect from Malcolm the Wise, there?s no jargon or ill-proven new-fangled theories in this inexpensive guide.

It?s plain common sense, really. And yet it takes years of hard graft to collect the experiences to produce the wisdom to create that common sense. It?s dead easy to read and packed with the master?s usual humour.

The first few chapters are devoted to getting beginners started. But then the hard advice for everyone, young and old, new or experienced, who want to make real money in shares, really begins.

Share Attack illustrates all the pitfalls, as well as opportunities. Malcolm is the first to admit that he?s fallen into all the gaping holes and learned from his many tumbles. His 80 tips are gleaned from hundreds of captains of industry, hedge fund owners, CEO?s of Footsie giants, show biz millionaires, a few billionaires and everybody who is anybody in the Golden Mile.

He met all these luminaries while working for 40 years as one of the BBC?s top investigative journalists.

His habit was to ask each and every one of his interviewees their own personal tips for successful share trading. And remember that his distinguished helpers include some of the richest private and corporate share-traders in Britain!

All 80 tips are easy to understand. They are illustrated with real life examples of shares you trade today.

The book also serves as a reminder to really experienced traders. We all forget what we first learned from time and need a memory jolt.

All duff tips which circulate in the the Big City have been tested by Malcolm and NOT included.

The great trader doesn?t guarantee to make you rich in Share Attack. But if anyone can, he can. He is after all, one of Britain?s oldest and most experienced writers on shares.

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