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by Jeremy Prescott

“Peter Temple is a former fund manager who writes regularly in the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle, often on his own investing. Comprehensively revised and updated, this useful book covers the range of financial instruments that has become available to private investors over the last few years. A practical guide to using these instruments to increase returns, hedge, speculate or move money in and out of markets efficiently, the book is aimed firmly at the private investor – so it’s long on common sense and omits the more daunting maths. It works its way methodically through futures, CFDs, spread and binary betting, options, traditional and covered warrants, and Exchange Traded Funds (“unit trusts in drag”), setting out their characteristics, uses and costs, with useful examples, practical tips and do’s and don’ts. Money management, trading rules and charting are covered on the way, as well as trading strategies. There are comprehensive appendices on brokers, information, software and websites. Admirably clear and well laid out, this book is an excellent introduction to the toolbox now open to the nimble private investor, and the more experienced investor will also find it worthwhile.”

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