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Economics Made Simple – Review

Economics Made Simple: How money, trade and markets really work by Dr Madsen Pirie is an excellent primer on the whole field of economics that all those important men should have read.

He combines his story telling craft with his deep understanding of economic basics to produce a very readable and enjoyable short book on a subject most people would run screaming from. It’s brevity and simplicity might annoy the expert, and the purveyors of economic insights who are paid by the word and maintain their mystique with obscurity, but that is its real value.
I wish for instance that Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage was dealt with a bit more deeply as everyday we see politicians ans campaigners clamouring for some protectionist measure without anyone pointing a finger at them and laughing at their ignorance.

He has released a series of videos which are based on chapters of the book. Watch them and share them and then I recommend you buy the book.

Put aside any preconceived thoughts you have on the subject and enjoy the helicopter view of the whole subject. It may just surprise and educate you, it certainly will be enjoyable. And for anyone who is starting any course at any level on economics this is the key book they must have. It provides a backbone onto which deeper analysis can be hung, and if they don’t fit onto it maybe they are better being discarded.

Essential enjoyable comprehensive simple guide.

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