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Focus On Success: Book Review

The Small Business Guide to China:
How small enterprises can sell their goods or services to markets in China
by David Howell

Since China opened its doors to the words in 1978, its growth has been nothing short of meteoric. The 2007-09 credit crunch had little or no impact on the Chinese economy that continues to grow by almost 10% a year. China itself is now the fourth largest economy behind the US, Germany and Japan, and if its current growth can be sustained, analysts expect China to become the world’s largest economy by 2025.

China is not, though, simply the factory of the world. As the economy has developed, so has its population, with an estimated 8.5 million Chinese citizens migrating to urban areas each year in search of work and a better standard of living. As a result, the market for your business’ goods and services is inexorably growing.

But can small businesses really compete in this vast market? It’s a question that many small business owners are asking themselves.

The Small Business Guide to China looks at not only how the Chinese economy works and what its citizens like to buy, but also how business is transacted in a single market that will become the largest consumer base on the planet over the next decade. Full of practical support, the book addresses topics from intellectual property rights to correct etiquette during a business meeting.

No matter what a business sells, investigating the markets in China is definitely an area to look into, and this easy-to-read informative bite-size guide shows small business owners how!

The Small Business Guide to China is the fifth of ten titles in the Business Bites series. The series is packed with useful information, and each eBook covers a specific topic, so whether you want help with social media or how to balance your books, you can find the solution!

About the author

Dave Howell is Nexus Publishing. He has been working as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for the last 20 years, specialising in technology and business subjects. His work has appeared in the national press and many of the leading technology and business magazines, including Talk Business.

The Small Business Guide to China is published by Brightword Publishing, ISBN: 9781908003119, ePub, RRP: £10, Available in all good online bookshops.

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