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From Vision to Exit – A Practical Guide

A new book launched this month in London provides a systematic approach to understanding how to grow a company ?from vision to exit?. Authored by Guy Rigby, entrepreneur, mentor and now the head of entrepreneurial services at Smith & Williamson, the book aims to help entrepreneurs who are starting or growing a business, and is based on years of personal experience.

?From Vision to Exit? published by Harriman House, ?recognises that great businesses don?t succeed by chance, according to Guy Rigby at the launch event. ?They have visionary leaders who see the ideal and the real side by side. They create strategies to achieve their vision and tactics to achieve their strategies. They are run by passionate and committed people and they understand their purpose and goals.?

Guy added, ?It also recognises that if you want to build a great business, there?s a system and a process. You don?t need to reinvent the wheel ? plenty of people have been there before.?

He said that during his 40 year career, he?s worked with hundreds of businesses and their owners. He?s seen success stories and horror stories.

?Luck will almost always play a part but, at the end of the day, I?ve realised that there are clear reasons why businesses succeed or fail,? he added.

The book is already acclaimed by various people involved in the entreprenuer ecosystem in the UK. According to Luke Johnson, “An excellent primer…I commend this book to both those who are already running an established business, and those who are minded to start one and become their own boss. It is written in a practical style, full of useful tips and pertinent questions. It is a manual that can be used very much as a reference source, to be dipped into when needed.”

Julie Meyer, founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital, founder of Entrepreneur Country, and co-founder of First Tuesday added, “A must-read tome for any aspiring entrepreneur. Guy unpacks entrepreneurship in an enjoyable, fascinating manner.”

Here are Guy?s top 10 tips for business success:

Develop your vision and strategy. Be passionate and committed to what you do.
Create a clear roadmap or plan. Establish why, how, and when. Don?t set off in the wrong direction.
Consider your resources. What will you need in terms of infrastructure, people and finance? Never run out of cash!
Develop your purpose and values. Why do you exist? What difference will you make and to who?
Never underestimate the power of the status quo. Inertia means that it can take time (and additional cash) to achieve your vision and goals.
Consider meaning as well as money. Work towards a ?triple bottom line? ? valuing people, planet & profit.
Protect your Intellectual Property. Don?t let someone else take advantage of your innovation, investment and hard work.
Think international. Maximise cross-border trading opportunities and take your place in the global business village.
Embrace change and be open, flexible and transparent in your dealings with stakeholders ? including customers, suppliers, staff and investors.
Work hard, get up early and never ever give up!

Guy Rigby leads the entrepreneurial services group at Smith & Williamson, the accountancy and investment management group. His day to day activities include advising entrepreneurs and their businesses and coordinating Smith & Williamson’s activities in this market.

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