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Getting to grips with French life

“Hopefully most people won’t just up sticks and head to France, instead they will undertake a little thought and reading in advance to help make a success of a move. There are many books on moving to France, but one written recently by journalist Patricia Mansfield-Divine may prove helpful as it brings together her experience of having lived in France since 1999.

You may recognise Patricia’s name from magazines about France as her work has appeared in many titles, and you will also have seen her comments across many forums and internet messageboards offering tips on French life. So Patricia (or Trish as she is most often known) writes from real experience of making a move; offering advice on subjects such as settling in to a new area, starting a business and getting utilities connected up, she has already faced many of the challenges other newcomers have yet to tackle.”

Her book Living in France – A practical guide to your new life in France, is available at a special price of £8.44 through the Harriman House website, but before you head off here is an extract that looks at finding your feet in a French village.

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