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Great books for 08, by Dominic Picarda

“Michael Kahn’s new book is a nice, clear attempt to explain the art of technical analysis to novices. Plain English and an easy writing style do a good job of getting across the basics. The emphasis on trend, support and resistance, rather than too much on patterns is shrewd advice. Complicated branches of charting – such as Elliott Wave and Gann Theory – don’t even get a mention, which is probably the right decision for a book of this length and depth. Commendably, real-life charts appear to illustrate the concepts throughout, rather than the “idealised” sketches that many charting books rely too heavily upon. Mr Kahn’s commentary appears within the charts themselves, which definitely helps the reader grasp his points. A Beginners’ Guide to Charting Financial Markets fulfils its stated purpose very nicely, and will help newcomers decide whether technical analysis is really for them. A readable little book nonetheless.”

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