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Great books for 08, by Dominic Picarda

“Time and seasonality often get overlooked in the investment decision-making process. This is unfortunate, as the calendar can have an important influence on stock market behaviour. Now in its fourth year, Stephen Eckett’s excellent little volume provides some interesting – and handy – insights into time factors in a very accessible format. Aside from some telling snapshots on other periodic themes – such as the effects on the market of US electoral cycle and Bank of England meetings – there is a tidy reference section at the back. Vital facts on every UK listed and AIM firm – including ticker symbols and financial year-ends – is included. As a lighter touch, every date carries a quirky detail from bygone days. Among the splendid array of useless but fascinating factlets are the 73rd anniversary of beer in cans and the first military use of trained dolphins. The big sporting fixtures of the coming year are also flagged up. In an apparent throwback to City fashion c.1987, the Almanac comes as a sort of filofax.”

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