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Hack aims to help boozy brokers, by Marcel Le Gouais

“A financial journalist has published a book that could help brokers battle their drink problems. Edmund Tirbutt says that with the publication of Beat the Booze, co-written with his wife Helen, he wants to help brokers kick the habit and change their lives. The author has worked as a personal finance journalist for The Mail on Sunday and The Independent and contributed to industry publications including Mortgage Strategy. Tirbutt says: “To say that brokers are capable of enjoying a pint or two is an understatement. In my time in this industry, I have come across hundreds of individuals my book could help. Most do not see themselves as having a drink problem but they are well on the way to developing a serious addiction.”

In researching the book, the authors interviewed alcohol experts and heavy drinkers who have cut down or given up. They also drew on their personal experiences in combating alcohol. Tirbutt has been teetotal for his 21-year journalistic career after overcoming a serious drink problem and his wife has been teetotal for more than two years. Sole broker Roy New says: “This book should be aimed at company executives who have unlimited expense accounts, not brokers who generally have to pay for their own drinks.””

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