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How big investors get it wrong, and still make millions

Being a successful investor is all about discipline and being as unemotional as possible, according to fund manager Lee Freeman-Shor, speaking to in this Business Book Club video.

The portfolio manager at Old Mutual Global Investors explains in his new book The Art of Execution ?how the world?s best investors get it wrong and still make millions?.

It?s not about ideas, he argues. You?ve got to be pretty unemotional in your decision making and it?s a craft that you can learn. The thing legendary investors have is discipline.

?They do the same thing when they?re losing and the same thing when they?re winning,? he says.

Moreover, that?s something that can be learnt in a short time. ?In a nutshell, when you?re losing, you?ve got to materially adapt?and, when you?re winning, you?ve got to be greedy and be a connoisseur,? says Freeman-Shor.

?These are habits which?if you?re disciplined and you apply to every investment you do, you?ll be successful even if you lose most of the time,? he adds.

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