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How to beat the recession with an eBay business…, by Valerie Dwyer

“Robert Pugh hands it to you on a plate! The book for everyone who has ever considered the idea of owning their own business and being their own boss; part-time to supplement other income, or a full time venture, but not yet taken the plunge. Already in business? There?s still some useful learning, much of which applies to offline businesses. For many, this will be possibly the best investment and opportunity of 2009! Comprehensive, easy to understand, plain English, this step by step guide through the stages to maximise eBay business success also anticipates how to deal with and overcome potential problems. Whether you’re an eBay novice or more experienced, you’ll learn something new. At the very least, by using Robert’s techniques to refine your auctions, you will improve sales of personal items and easily recover the cost of this book. A great reference book for anywhere there’s an opportunity to inspire people of all ages to have a low risk go at their own enterprise adventure. Highly recommended!”

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