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Kilfoyle Slams Blair’s Iraq Lies in New Book, by Iain Dale

“Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle has a new book out called ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Iraq: An in-depth investigation into the case for war and how it was misrepresented’. As you might be able to tell, my politics are a little different to Peter’s but he is a man I have tremendous respect for, having published his previous book ‘Left Behind’. He sent me the manuscript for this book and even though I disagree with a lot of what he says I thought it needed to be published. I sent it to Harriman House and am delighted they took it up. Harriman are now publishing a large number of political books, including several by me, so if anyone has a political book in them, let me know and I will recommend it to them if I think it is worth publishing.”

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