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Lies, Damned Lies and Iraq

While the people of Wootton Bassett continue to pay their respects to service personnel killed in Afghanistan, those lost in Iraq have not been forgotten. InLies, Damned Lies and Iraq (Harriman House ?16.99), an in-depth analysis into the case for war and how it was misrepresented, Peter Kilfoyle quotes the man who took us into war in Iraq, those who supported him, those who opposed him, those who were on the receiving end, and others.

?Now that an inquiry into the war has been announced ? together with controversy about its remit and format ? it is time to revisit who said what, before, during, and after the war,? said Kilfoyle in July. ?My view is that Westminster and, more importantly, Whitehall, will do all in their power to emasculate the inquiry. Yet its search for the truth has never been more critical, especially in the Middle East. On a recent visit to Damascus, the Syrian President Burshad Assad, remarked to me that he had told the UN Secretary, General Ban Ki Moon, three times that Tony Blair had no role to play in the peace process, given his role in the war. Dr Khaled Mersha?al of Hamas took the same view. If we are to achieve a peace which has eluded us for 60 years, the truth of the Iraq War must be wholly and accurately set out.?

The objective of this book, says Kilfoyle, an ex-MOD junior minister and one-time Blair supporter, now a backbencher, is to ?let those who embarked on this illegal and immoral war be condemned from their own mouths.?

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