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Matt Finnigan & Pete Nordsted – The Premier Football Betting Handbook 2010/11

4 star: Love

Matt Finnigan and Pete Nordsted have once again teamed up to create a definitive guide to betting on this year?s Premier League football season. In The Premier Football Betting Handbook the authors stray from the normal win/loss bets and allow you to learn about the full range of bets that are on offer. While doing this, you are also provided with the invaluable information of where and how you can find good value, amongst the plethora of different football bets that are available.

Following their success with The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010, Finnigan and Nordsted have got back together to provide a comprehensive guide to how to bet on this year?s Premier League season. The authors have been impressively meticulous, with individual and team statistics included for every team in this year?s competition, as well as casting an eye over the statistics of every referee that will take charge of Premier League games.

Every team in this year?s Premier League has had their last seasons performances recorded in terms of results, half/full time, goals, bookings and corners. These are split into home and away matches, as well as how they performed against teams of different calibres. A potential sticking point in this guide could have been concerning the three newly promoted sides, as their performances from last year were in a different league. However, this issue is dealt with superbly, as tailored summaries of what you can expect (for example; Newcastle?s corner superiority was very low for a team that won so much) are substituted for the more detailed tables of statistics.

Also of note are the tips on the top scorers with numerous good value bets listed such as Fernando Torres to score at Anfield or Darren Bent to be first scorer. Tips like this can prove invaluable, as they are both and, most importantly in terms of this book, have good value. Also, the inclusion of referee statistics from last year combined with each teams booking statistics means that readers can learn more about betting on bookings in individual games.

As suggested by its title, this book is designed to be a handbook that can be used as a point of reference, rather than a cover to cover read. However, for those less proficient at football betting, it?s a worthwhile read as there are explanations of many facets of football gambling, such as decimal odds and Asian handicaps. This alludes to another benefit of this book; it?s appropriate for punters of all experience. Whether you?re an accomplished tipster, or just a fan who fancies making the weekends that little bit more interesting, you?re bound to find this guide helpful.

Whilst The Premier Football Betting Handbook does not pretend to offer you ways in which you are guaranteed to make money, it does provide advice and tools that could potentially help improve your knowledge of football betting. This book has clearly been written with the aim of arming the reader with all of the tools and tips that professional gamblers use to find great value bets.

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