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Money Fight Club by Anne Caborn & Lindsay Cook

Money Fight Club by Anne Caborn & Lindsay Cook, a great new book available now for RRP £11.99. I love any way to save money, so when I saw this book I knew I just had to share it with you. It can be tough being a parent as children cost money, any way I can save a few pennies is good news. This book is here to help with practical advice on how to look after your money.

The book is set out in chapters, aptly called rounds, each one with a main focus, but the first half of the book is all about giving you the inside information on how corporate companies rip us off every day! The second half of the book promises to help you fight back using the scams and deals that can trip you up, to your advantage.

I love the round, why we?re ripped off! too lazy or too nice. Yes that?s me, and I think all of us are guilty of this at some points in our life. By reading this book, you are given pointers where and how to ask the right questions. What I have read so far has made a lot of sense, and I have passed the book onto Dad M who I hope will enjoy reading more. We both agreed that this book will be an asset in helping us decide and negotiate our new car purchase, which we have been thinking about for a year.

This book seems different to other money-saving books, as they tend to concentrate on how to save small amounts of money, on shopping, or everyday items. This book gives more of an overview on how you can change your whole outlook on your finances?, not just saving you money in the short-term, but long-term as well.

For more information on where to get your gloves on a copy of Money Fight Club, visit the website, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

This punchy titled book stands out from the crowd, so if you would like the chance to win a copy then why not complete my rafflecopter giveaway below,you never know how much this book might save you!

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