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Morgan Housel on writing

Today, we are going behind the scenes with a master of his craft, Morgan Housel. In the investing world that Matt and I are from, there are few – if any – who make better content than Morgan. His blog has been a personal favourite for years and his first book, The Psychology of Money, just crossed 3 million sales. So we reached out to see if he’d take us behind the scenes. Where does he write, when does he write, how much is art, how much science. To get into those details, we took a blog Morgan wrote in late 2017 called The Freakishly Strong Base and used that as a case study to explore his craft. It’s one of my favourite pieces he’s written and focuses on compounding in nature, business, and investing. At this point you might like to hit pause and read, or re-read, The Freakishly Strong Base on the Collab fund website. Then come back here to learn how Morgan writes magic like this.

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