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Naked Option, by reviewer Ginger Szala

“If you are headed to the beach for a break this winter, or just want a quick read on the train, this is the book to take. Joe Kolman?s ‘Naked Option’ is a fun read, steeped in Wall Street speak and lore, mixing just the right amount of believable suspense with misbehaving (and kinky) traders. Kolman , who founded the now-defunct Derivatives Strategy magazine, is now a vice president at AllianceBernstein Investments. He uses his knowledge of the street and options trading to write a suspenseful yarn about a good trader gone bad (tut-tut, overtrading and then putting it in a customer?s account), losing his job and crawling back from the brink by investigating and uncovering a complicated trading scheme at a huge investment bank. Kolman has an eye for the Wall Street trader, and doesn?t flinch in his descriptions. This book certainly has everything for traders, and options traders might feel particularly vindicated in being portrayed as the supermen of the trading world. Having known Kolman for years, I can appreciate that he?s taken his journalistic smarts into fiction writing and overall succeeded in crafting a good read. As a quick fun read, it?s a keeper.”

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