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“The result is ‘Spare Room Start-Up’, a lifestyle guide to working from home named Waterstone’s Business Book of the Month. “I was lucky, I only went to one publishers, which is unheard of. Even JK Rowling went to more than 50 before finding a publisher. I went to Harriman House, sat with the chairman and said I wanted to write a business book that looks like a lifestyle book.

I was fed up of going to the bookshop and looking at these fat dry books full of charts and graphs which make it look like starting a business from home is a hard thing to do. I thought it was about time someone put a book out where you can look at it, follow some basic points, and see how to do it. I wanted it to be a simple, friendly, stylish guide to having a business from home.”

Emma said the response to the book had been fantastic and the guide could be the basis for a new television show.”

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