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Review, by Alexander Davidson

“As technical analysts go, Marber is one of the greats. Marber on Markets is the master’s apprenticeship. As a purist, Marber focuses on price action and ignores fundamentals, which for some is like investing blindfold. The author outrages me at times and has me shrieking with laughter at others. I cannot always agree but his points – right or wrong – cut deep. I applaud Marber’s focus on the simpler, more proven bits of technical analysis, and his debunking of sacred cows. For example: “For Goodness sake, Elloticians, get a life! And get a chart, a proper one…” The man has 51 years of experience, still going strong, but the old dog can learn new tricks, and Marber ditched an industry bible to embrace Japanese candlesticks. Here is one of only two books on technical analysis books that I love. The other is Charters on Charting, and it is no coincidence this is also written by a master chartist. I am a fundamentalist who has made forays into technical analysis, and Marber whisks me back to the magical land of lines, patterns and stop losses. “Most technical analysts were originally fundamental analysts,” he writes. “I’ve never heard of anyone who made the journey in the opposite direction.””

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