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Self-help vs. The Hey Nonny Handbook, by Kirsten Gronning

“Not being one to turn down an interesting free book, I had absolutely no hesitation in taking delivery of the The Hey Nonny Handbook from Harriman House. I was in any case bemused by the subtitle: ‘The literary survival guide for women’ and fascinated by the author’s claim that people in crisis can find help in real literature, rather than self-help books. As someone whose (alas, now limited) reading of late has tended to be the self-help variety because I get so much from it, but who used to devour ‘real’ literature, I shall reserve judgement of the author Janice Warman’s comment in the Bookseller until I’ve read the book. I too know about the therapeutic power of getting thoughts and ideas down in writing and I’ve written about it before in the divorce recovery context, but I am a great believer that the best self-help books are a cost-effective way of finding answers which may be hard to find elsewhere. I don’t think I can wait to read it on the beach, I shall probably devour it at the airport. So, you’re a male reader – what’s in this book for you? Whilst unashamedly feminist, it might appeal to men who want to learn insights into the way women think, act and want to live their lives.”

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