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Something to help you that doesn’t cost a thing!, by Janice Warman

“Now here’s a revolutionary idea: something that helps you but won’t cost you a thing! Wherever you are, look around you, – chances are there will be a few books in the vicinity. Whether it’s fiction, poetry, biography, cartoons or short stories, they all form a medicine chest filled with potent remedies for the ills of everyday life. Just pick one up and dip into it – it will serve you far better than the maunderings of the latest self-help guru. A friend and I have just written The Hey Nonny Handbook about just this: all the problems we run into in mid-life and how literature (not forgetting your friends, of course) can help you. Whether you have troubles with elderly parents, teenage children or a husband in crisis divorce, depression, menopause, marriage, infidelity, insomnia or any other alliterations! In fact we ran into so many of them, it’s surprising that we managed to finish the book at all.”

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