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Steve Ward – Sports Betting to Win

Chances are, if you?ve looked into purchasing a sports betting guide from a bookshop before, you?ve been greeted by rows and rows of ?get rich quick? books. However, for every 100 ?scammy? eBay schemes, there are genuine publications like Steve Ward?s Sports Betting to Win. Aimed at the sports bettor who knows what they?re doing but needs the psychological training to win more consistently, Ward?s book helps navigate the emotional and financial minefield that sports betting can sometimes be.

It?s worth noting at this point that if you?re looking for a fast, easy way of making a quick buck online, then Ward?s book isn?t for you. The author makes clear throughout Sports Betting to Win that becoming a full-time sports bettor, or trader, can be just as time-consuming and potentially as stressful as your full-time job. The very best sports-traders don?t let themselves become sucked up in the emotional highs and lows of your favourite team winning or losing (and potentially costing you cash), but instead take an analytical and rational approach to laying bets.

Within Sports Betting to Win, would-be traders can find some key advice from Ward, as well as other leading figures in the betting industry. For Ward, some of the integral factors for success are:

Several chapters within Sports Betting to Win are dedicated to the potential pitfalls that new traders face. Ranging from chasing your losses to losing control of your emotions and sense of perspective, Ward?s book makes clear that in order to succeed, you first have to remove the concepts and ideas that are holding you back. Indeed, this attitude is echoed throughout Sports Betting to Win, with quotes from the likes of basketball star Michael Jordan illustrating that there are ?learning opportunities? in ?every loss, setback or error?.

The philosophy behind Ward?s book is simple: The emphasis is on getting rich slowly, not quickly. While the average punter could win a few, or even several, bets in the short-term, only a learned and reasoned sports trader can get the ?edge? long-term. For those who want a practical guide to the world of sports trading, from one of the profession?s keenest minds, then we recommend Sports Betting to Win. Those looking for the latest get rich quick scheme though, should probably revisit the shelves of their local bookshop.

4 Stars – Love.

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