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The lessons of history, by Dominic Picarda

“I rather wish that Marber on Markets had been available when I first started out in technical analysis. Written by a master City chartist and character, it is one of the most finely crafted works on the subject I’ve come across. Mr Marber uses real-life examples of the patterns he addresses throughout the book, all of which appear as amply sized and colourful illustrations.

The real colour, though, comes from the trading anecdotes and insiders’ wisdom that are laced into the text. It’s not short of wit, either: “When downsizing, JP Morgan chase, Goldman sacks, Merrill lynch.” Ultimately, though, this is a very practical book that bridges the huge gap between technical-analysis theory and the real business of making money out of the squiggly lines on the screen.

The personal touches such as “I remember”, a final chapter of City vignettes – make it a very accessible read. Trend lines, support levels and candlesticks have seldom been so enjoyable.”

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